6 Steps to Manage Salaries to Become Financially Independent



When you are in debt, it seems that whatever salary you receive will never be enough. It is difficult to set aside money to be used to pay off credit / credit card debt that is still ongoing. Take it easy, this time we will provide a simulation of how to manage salary and credit / credit card payments for those of you who have mediocre salaries but want to pay off debt

Here’s an example of the simulation:

Currently you have credit card debt and have been in arrears up to 10,000,000 rupiah, this number also continues to swell as interest is charged every month. The problem is, you feel you have not been able to pay off the debt because the net income you get every month is only 3,000,000 rupiah. The simulation seems to only lock up customers in debt bondage, right? Actually there are a number of things you can do to be able to be free from debt even with a mediocre salary.

We will present several solutions according to Irwan Ibrahim, Director of Customer Solutions Consultant PT Nick Carter International Indonesia and Mitchell Budiono as Vice Director who also acted as negotiators and customer representatives of Nick Carter to the bank.


1. Know How Much Your Net Income Is


1. Know How Much Your Net Income Is

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It cannot be denied that monthly income has a big influence in paying off debts that are still in arrears. The first way to manage your salary to be financially independent is to make a budget at the beginning of the month, or when you have received a monthly salary so that the salary does not disappear immediately. First, don’t forget to auto-debit to a separate savings account with your current account, try to save at least 30% of your salary. So, at least you set aside 900,000 rupiah to be directly transferred to a savings account.

If you choose to arrange money on a weekly basis, divide the money in 4 weeks and arrange a schedule to withdraw money regularly. You really are required to be consistent in using the weekly money, so that every expenditure made is really done carefully and does not exceed the budget you have set.

2. Know the amount in your Savings Account

 2. Know the amount in your Savings Account


The way that is often done by those who have mediocre salaries but want to pay off debt is to dredge a savings account. Mitchell Budiono as lead negotiator Nick Carter revealed that funds from savings accounts can help you pay off debts. If the total savings are sufficient, it is better if you pay off the debt directly in one payment with a discount program so that you do not need to linger with debt. One thing that can be considered is of course you have to understand well whether the remaining savings can still be used to finance your next life. Don’t let the use of all your savings without consideration make you go back into debt, isn’t that right?


3. Increase the Budget with Additional Income


If you already know the size of your net income and the total savings account still doesn’t help, you still have the option to increase your budget with additional income so that you can help you get financially faster with a mediocre salary. This option can be done by working as a freelancer by utilizing the talents that you have, such as translating languages, writing articles, etc. If you feel you have no ability in the field that can be traded, you can try joining an MLM membership. Although the connotation is negative, actually there are many people who benefit from selling MLM products. Therefore, you must understand which types of MLM are suitable and potential before joining. Every now and then you can also use the referral program to get additional income. Although his income is not always as big as being an MLM member or being a freelancer , but income in this field can provide a little incremental.

4. Reduce Shopping and Expenditures in Any Form


 4. Reduce Shopping and Expenditures in Any Form

What is the point of adding savings if you cannot control the expenditure itself? Of course it’s a lie. Irwan Ibrahim revealed, the most important thing before reducing expenditure is the intention of the customer concerned to really want to save money. Irwan added, intentions like this can have a big impact, for example when customers save money, usually there is more money that is not used. For example, the remaining money is worth 100,000 rupiah, you d can you allocate the remaining money into a savings account to increase and reduce p

Some practical steps you can take to reduce expenses are to be smarter in choosing goods so that you still get a cheaper price for the same product. If you like shopping at supermarkets for certain products that are hard to find on the market, you can also save by doing 5 more economical shopping tricks at the supermarket. (Also read: Should My Child Know That We Are Debt?)

5. Request Family Assistance If Possible


This option can be done if possible, for example asking the family to pay off the debt, then you will pay in installments according to the total debt but without the need for additional interest. However, one thing to note if you ask for family assistance is a commitment to return the money regularly. Not infrequently family relationships become damaged due to economic problems, so before deciding to take this step, make sure you have a high commitment to return it.

6. Negotiate Your Debt To Get Relief


Did you know if you can get bank breaks for credit card debt and KTA that you currently have? This is called credit restructuring. According to the Bank Indonesia Regulation , credit restructuring is an improvement effort made by the Bank in credit activities to debtors who have difficulties in fulfilling their obligations. The results of this credit restructuring can usually alleviate customers so that they can better afford to pay.

The relief program can be in the form of discounts / discounts in one time payment, low-interest installments with an extended tenor, or a combination of both. These programs have their own weaknesses and strengths, and can be very useful to relieve your outstanding credit. For more details, you can read it here.

In order to get a program that can alleviate and fit your current needs, you can use a trusted negotiation service. The function of using negotiation services is the element of professionalism and good relations with the bank, so that your arrears can be given more relief according to your financial condition. But of course, it is necessary to be aware of fraudulent negotiation services like this. To find out what debt negotiation services can be trusted, you can see it in the following link . One of the trusted credit card / KTA debt negotiation / mediation services is PT Nick Carter International Indonesia . Nick Carter has a clear company profile, professional service, and has become the first Asian company that has been accredited to help resolve debt problems by IAPDA (an association of international debt settlement services companies).

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