Loan Consolidation: What It Is and How It Works


Not all those who need a loan remember that it is also possible to do it in the mail . Poste Italiane has many interesting solutions that could appeal to you too. One of these solutions is the PostePay loan, but what is this type of financing and how does it work ? We explain it to you in this article which contains all the details that are right for you: don’t lose it!


Why choose the loan?


Why choose the loan?


For all those who do not need to apply for a particularly expensive loan, you can access the small Poste Italiane loan called: PostePay Evolution. This is a form of credit that brings some advantages. This is a mini personal loan that requires as a requirement to own a PostePay Evolution, or a card issued by Poste Italiane.

Let’s start with verifying the characteristics of this card and the steps necessary to request it.


The Evolution card



Only PostePay Evolution rechargeable card holders can apply for a PostePay loan , so it is important to understand how this card works and how it can be obtained. The PostePay Evolution has some really good features, able to simplify many bureaucratic processes and also solve large tasks that can happen.

For example, you can credit your salary directly on this card. How can I credit my salary on a card ? Because this special card has an IBAN just like a current account. 

The card can be used both online and to make payments in any type of shop. The only discriminator is to be careful if the shop in question has a Mastercard agreement , as this is the PostePay Evolution circuit.

Another feature of the card is the ability to make payments in ContactLess mode. This means that for payments up to 25 euros it will no longer be necessary to swipe and enter the code, but by putting the card on the reader the payment is automatic.

PostePay Evolution allows you to then manage your money in a very convenient way for any use purpose. Yes they can:

  • Making and receiving bank transfers
  • Use your bills
  • Pay bulletins
  • Get small BancoPosta loans

If you do not have this versatile and versatile card it will be the case to think about giving yourself it because as we have seen it really has many advantages .

Recharge the PostePay Evolution

To enter money on the card, just go to any post office in the area.


On the Poste Italiane website you can find the location of all the offices near your address , as well as the opening and closing times. At the post office it is also more convenient and economical to make payments and withdrawals.

Loan: how to request it?

We now come to present the small BancoPosta loans and how to receive them through PostePay Evolution.

The small personal loans offered by Poste Italiane are personal loans in which you can get sums from a minimum of 1000 euros to a maximum of 3000 euros in a very short time, reserved only for those who own the card we have specified.

The repayment duration is fixed and includes 22 installments. The loan is at a fixed rate and therefore every month the same sum is always debited on your PostePay Evolution card .

This is a nice convenience because you don’t have to worry about paying the bills every time.

What are the loan requirements?

Now we want to make a list of the requirements needed to apply for the loan so you can immediately understand if it is the right solution for you or not:

  • Have a PostePay Evolution
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 76 (not completed at the end of the repayment)
  • Residents in Italy
  • Demonstrable business income
  • Pensions

Documents to be submitted include:

  • Identity card
  • Health insurance card
  • PostePay Evolution
  • Last paycheck or pension slip

Self-employed persons may have access to PostePay Evolution loans if they submit the latest tax return.

This loan is also open to foreigners, as long as they present a passport and a valid Residence Permit .

Finally we need a document attesting residence in Italy for at least one year.

 Evolution Loan: request form


To apply for the small loan in question, go to a post office . You need to make an appointment via the Poste Italiane website. The meeting is arranged with a consultant able to offer all the necessary details and advice. The estimate is free and shows the total expense that is going to be faced.

To apply, the relevant form will then be offered. In a few hours from the time of the request the loan will be disbursed and the sum requested will be credited to your PostePay Evolution card. From that moment the money will be available to carry out any expense because it is a personal loan not finalized.


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