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What are you willing to give up, sell or live without in order to get out of debt? Would you be inclined to sell your beloved car in order to bring your account back to the positive? In many cases, selling your car and getting without one, or replacing it with something cheaper, can be a great way to finally pay off your debt.

How to get out of debt: car costs

To help you make that decision, you need to assess how much your car really costs. To do this, you must think beyond vehicle financing, including any associated costs such as rising gasoline prices, vehicle insurance, scheduled and unscheduled car maintenance, and any taxes, and fees that you have to pay for vehicle. Also include parking amounts that you have to pay when you go to work or close to home. Depending on where you live and the vehicle you drive, these costs can be a small fortune every month.

Calculated values, think: Does this quantity hinder you from paying your debt? If so, consider selling your car. Or maybe at least switch to a more economical vehicle. Whatever the choice, this move will only do so depending on your car, your habits and where you live.


Do not think that the money from a car sale will save you from debt. It can give a relief, but the headaches afterwards can mess up your life. (Photo:

How to pay accrued debt: how much do you spend on gas, insurance, and maintenance?

All cars have at least these three expenses. Some cars are gas guzzlers, while hybrids and flex cars can be financially more economical. Insurance can also be significantly more expensive for a sports car compared to a popular car.

Maintenance is another expense that, for some cars, can be significantly higher than for others. For example, does your car need parts only sold by dealers, or are parallel brands available? Can you do the car maintenance on your own or not? An analysis of these factors can help determine how much your car really costs, and whether it’s worth giving up. Remember: add up the annual maintenance values ​​and divide by 12, to have the approximate monthly cost of your vehicle.

How to clear debts with banks: Do you still owe portions of your car?


How to clear debts with banks: Do you still owe portions of your car?


If you have been paying your car for only a year on a five year financing plan, chances are you owe much more on your vehicle than a buyer would be willing to pay for it to repay the loan and what you have already paid . Also, the minute you drive your new car out of the dealership, you lose good money on the value of the car.

Finding out how much your car is currently worth is very easy, using the FIPE chart as a reference. See if by selling by the value of tabelar, if you could pay the balance of your debts directly with the selling price. Or if you need to save more money to get your debts back.

It can also occur from the debtor balance being completely above and beyond your ability to pay. If you can not cover the remaining balance with the sale of the car, keep the vehicle and continue to make payments. That said, keep control over the value of your car in relation to the balance of your loan. Since you can get close to the amount needed to pay off the debt of the financing, consider selling the car again.

Remove debts when you already own the vehicle


Remove debts when you already own the vehicle

When you already own your car, you can sell it by the market price. If it costs $ 10,000 and you sell at that price, does it significantly reduce or reduce your debt? You need to weigh the “reward” of selling the car and running out of transportation, but with a more balanced financial life.

If you have an extra car that is not used most of the time, or if you can pick up a ride with your spouse, it may be worth it. On the other hand, if you give up your only means of transportation to work, it is probably a bad idea to sell your car.

The video below may help you a bit in the financial planning needed to clear debts regardless of whether you are staying with the car or not.


To pay off the debt by selling the car, think if you really need a car

To pay off the debt by selling the car, think if you really need a car

In smaller cities, the public transportation system can make the commutes quiet. Bicycle paths for cycling to work can be good transportation options as well as the constant availability of taxis. In larger cities though, not having your own car can be a complicating factor because the city is very spread out and public transportation may not get you to your job.

If you live and work in a city that encourages residents to have no vehicles, why not try going to work and where you need to go without a car for a few days? And if you still occasionally need a car, make sure you can share rides, have friends that can share a car to go to work, etc.

Can not you get a cheaper car or a motorcycle?


Let’s say you sell your car and use the money for your debt, but you still need a carriage. You can pay a smaller, less expensive vehicle using the money left over, or the loan limit you have released. If you have to borrow money to buy a new car, think twice before selling what you already own. But if you can sell your car, and are able to pay some debts with the proceeds, and still can afford to pay cash for a cheaper car, then definitely consider the sale. Changing the car for a motorcycle is a great option, and much cheaper.

Now, a video to help you sell your used car by following all the correct steps.


Think about your lifestyle before selling your car to pay off debt


Think about your lifestyle before selling your car to pay off debt


You do not want to find out too late that you needed your car for your lifestyle and can not live without it anymore. For example, you enjoy car rides with full family, your car can also be a leisure instrument. Or, otherwise, you need to haul loads, and another vehicle would make that impossible. In addition to the expenses, look at how you use your car and how or if you could live without it, or with something different.

Sell ​​the car to pay off debts or not?

Sell ​​the car to pay off debts or not?


Without financial planning, it is no use selling the car. You will only be temporarily relieving your situation, and you will get back into debt again soon. What you should do is put your bills on paper, analyze all the possibilities, and see how the sale of the car can help you, financially speaking. Without also thinking about the issues we put in this article, you can sell your car and end up in debt with high transportation costs, or buying a cheaper vehicle. Take care, think carefully, and if you still have questions, our comments are open to your questions.

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